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Noisysundae's News

Posted by Noisysundae - 3 days ago

The Remasters

Iridium in F is the second release of the 2020 Remasters. Since there were some additional modifications on the menu done in 2020, we think the set should no longer be called 2019 Remasters. Nonetheless, there are free extra contents available in the menu description. Time Attack in E, and other 13 remastered menus yet to be released, have their extra contents available for free as well.

Renovation Progress

"I've written some information regarding the release schedule of new menus and flavor arts in one of the previous posts. Basically, a new menu will be released on Sunday or a holiday, and an old flavor art will be replaced with the new one when a menu with the flavor is released."

— The Manager

Space Flavored


Just like the Velocity flavor, all former releases in Space Flavored are updated with the new art. However, the arts attached to the MP3 files we uploaded here are not yet updated, and it is currently not on our priority list, but we will announce it when we finish updating all of them. In the meantime, you can order the menus with updated flavor arts for free at Bandcamp.

Description Template

"Below is a quick look at how everything after the actual description (links, short copyright notice, etc.) were automated, as well as the scripts to be used in AE and Mp3tag. Everything Noisysundae was made by me alone anyway, so all the confidential stuff are up to me to be revealed. This is one of many. Feel free to pause the video if you want to read anything within."

— The Manager

We are going for one final iteration (hopefully) of editing all existing menus' descriptions, after we finish the description template. We still have to test and get rid of some corner cases to make sure there is no error when we utilize it.


Posted by Noisysundae - 1 month ago

"...I can store a js template literal in a function to avoid early evaluation. Below is an example (inside HTML <script> tags).

foo = {
  	a: function () {
  		return `${bar}`;
	// The thing below won't work 'cause it gets evaluated ON PAGE LOAD, not when called.
	b: `${bar}`
Works in Chrome (V8), at least."
— The Manager

Posted by Noisysundae - 1 month ago

"As I have said in this post that I'm doing something about the description, I got a suggestion from Tom regarding the new description formatting. Tried storing in RTF editors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It looked good in them, yes, but there was one thing: The poor block quotes, like one you're reading right now, didn't make it due to the block quote itself having no equivalent in the RTF format. So, what am I doing now?

Since these things are HTML elements, I'm making a static page to generate them, plus other stuff like audio file metadata and JS object for visualizer 3.0.


For this, it'll take a week or two from now before the next menu release. Once this template (It's rather a small program at this point.) is done, it will greatly help saving my time and energy releasing a menu by being able to fill in everything in one place. Still have to manually copy everything to each site, though, unless I go as far as coding HTTP requests or something.

The header rows on the right are the sites I publish something on for each menu (except AE and Mp3tag, of course). One requirement is the ability to save the filled page as one HTML file so I can put it into each menu's directory. Also, it's been a few months since I last touched Noisysundae HQ so I need some exercise. Have never grown distant to web dev, though, since I open up the Inspector quite often."
— The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - January 16th, 2020

"Many people here are using clyp.it already, but I just discovered it after I realized Mich shut Instaudio down. Perfect for short/WIP stuff! For that, I posted a piano short there. Too bad there's no way to set a clyp to loop yet. Tbh, really wanna focus on a new menu now but the visualizers need to be done first." — The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - January 5th, 2020

The Remasters

The release of Time Attack in E marks the start of the 2019 Remasters releases. There are 14 more to go! Each of the remastered menus comes with free extra contents so be sure to check the description.

The Header & Release Schedule

The overlay in our profile header was also updated with this release. The part above the menu title now indicates the branches (platform) the menu is currently available. The branches in the OTW line are under our distributor's delivery (current distro: Amuse and RouteNote) and can take up to a few weeks after the visualizer release date. As a rule of thumb, the branches that allows us to release our menus directly are Bandcamp, Gumroad, Newgrounds, Soundloud, and YouTube.

"I omitted the c on purpose." — The Manager

Otherwise, the release schedule is very simple: If there is anything to release, it will be available on Sunday (or a holiday). This also applies to the branches in the OTW line.

Updates on Renovation


We think everyone saw this already, but in a different color palette. It is the new artwork for the Velocity Flavored, comes with animated version as one of Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0's defaults. All existing menus' covers are updated, too. This will happen each time a new flavor artwork is introduced.

We are also going through another iteration of updating the description for all main menus, now that we found that the current placement does not look so good in the search result (almost everywhere, not just Newgrounds). We are moving the actual description to the top. In Newgrounds, since description text formatting is now supported, we are doing that too.

Regarding the Space Flavored art that is already live in the visualizer for Miss Flora, we forgot to set the base art's canvas to our standard (5120 x 2160) in After Effects and we have to upscale the art later. Plus, we still want to add a bit more details into the art.


Posted by Noisysundae - December 20th, 2019

"This exists since forever but not many people know that any YouTube link in the audio description will open as an in-page embedded player when clicked!


And yes, almost all Noisysundae menus have visualizer." — The Manager



Posted by Noisysundae - December 16th, 2019








Posted by Noisysundae - December 16th, 2019


ㅤㅤSo...what kind of custom menus we offer? Please take a moment to skim through this playlist (Extreme loudness difference warning!). Please note that we intend to show you overall concept and theme in each item, and the sound quality (mixing/mastering) in some of them are not on par with our current capability.

ㅤㅤIn summary, our main forte lies within melodic and atmospheric stuff, mostly in a form of non-mainstream electronic music genres (DnB, Trance, Ambient, etc.), plus piano solo. We can also do fake (in a sense of heavily layered) 8-bit stuff too, along with metal works and things that refuses to be in any genre.


ㅤㅤDisclaimer: For clarity, we keep this section free from our usual word plays (e.g. calling a music track a menu).

ㅤㅤWe try to make our pricing formula simple yet measurable and accurately scales to the amount of works and ideas we put into.

Price = (Base Cost * Number of Patterns) + Total Editing Cost


  • A unique drum beat, melody, or chord combinations played throughout at least half of a section is counted as a pattern.
  • Reused patterns (such as the second chorus melody) may be partially added towards the number of patterns if heavily altered by newly added effects (especially when it has significant change in characteristics, or is achieved with numerous layers of effects).
  • Otherwise, there is no additional cost from effects added.
  • If there is any requirement for additional sound effects or a samples and we do not already have the sounds, it is your responsibility to purchase them, and we do not hold any right to use them outside the scope of your project.


  • There is an additional price for each point to edit (NOT each time you send a ticket to us).
  • The price per editing point varies depends on how large it affects the whole track. For example, redoing the mastering will be more costly than just changing a few notes in a pattern.

ㅤㅤDespite all of those details, if you think the final price ends up to be too much, it is negotiable. You can try estimating the cost using the video below as a reference. The Noisysundae Visualizer was also designed to display the details related to how we place price tags on our menus. Each section of the track has its name displayed in the video.


ㅤㅤAll the products delivered through Noisysundae Custom Catering are yours, and their licenses are also yours to define, on only one condition: We may promote them through our branches. It is a win-win!

If you are interested, consider shooting us a PM or an e-mail.



Posted by Noisysundae - October 6th, 2019

Updated 13/12/2019: Moved the details about Noisysundae Catering to a collabinator post.

Updated 17/10/2019: Added contact information at the end of the post.

Updated 16/10/2019: Noisysundae Catering (Music Commissions) is now open! See the Noisysundae Catering section for details.

"And...dropped a hint of the upcoming 15 remasters!" — The Manager


ㅤㅤWelp, the post title is the actual name of the trololo song, but it's literally my current state on Noisysundae. Haven't really been dead anyway since I was constantly posting a renovation update post every Sunday. It's just that I chose to edit the same entry rather than making new ones weekly. What I mean by coming back home is that I'm doing new menus (music) once more!" — The Manager

ㅤㅤMany walls of text will be made this time, so we are putting the table of contents here. We put the actual note about the menu in the first section of this post so you can easily skip the rest which you might not be our intended recipients.

Table of Contents

ㅤㅤ"I really want to make the ToC below clickable but I can't. So, use your browser's 'find in page' to navigate. Sorry for the inconvenience." — The Manager

  • Latest Menu: Motivation
  • Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0
  • Additional Contents
  • Noisysundae HQ
  • Other Renovation TODOs
  • Noisysundae Catering
  • Makeshift Copyright Notice

Latest Menu: Motivation


Available in the following NG Portals: FlashAudioArt

Also available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and many more.

Quick Tip: In Newgrounds, you can watch our visualizer straight from the audio portal by just clicking the YouTube link we provided in the description. It will not bring you outside NG. Instead, an embedded player will appear below the link!

ㅤㅤIt has been half a year since we released Cosmic Observer. We are back with a bit of something that can reach a wider audience, a (not so) easy listening rock menu made specifically to start your day with. The menu is served with the all-new Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0. Some of the contents mentioned at the end of the video are not yet available due to finding a place to publish them, but we confirm you that everything related to Motivation is finished! Since we are trying to keep this section short, the details and the changes we made are in the Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0 and the Additional Contents section. Happy eating!

ㅤㅤ"Gotta drop this little list here. Nothing important, though." — The Manager


Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0

ㅤㅤNow, the BPM and key signature are also displayed dynamically throughout the entire menu by a visualizer layout placed on the left or right of the view, depending on the composition within the art. Motivation, by its musical structure, does not represent how those two work very well (not enough BPM/Key changes over time) so there will be an upcoming remastered menu that shows the mechanic clearly.

ㅤㅤWe also added description for some scoops (part of the menu) and 'The Mixer' which shows an audio level bar for each instrument group: percussions, bass instruments, lead instruments, and background instruments, plus the global one. The scoop description can be anything between narrative accompanying each scoop, a mini production note, or even a rant about that part of the menu from our manager. Nonetheless, we try our best to keep it within one small paragraph each so it is readable without the need for pausing the video.

ㅤㅤApart from The Mixer, the current beat count is displayed on the top right of the layout. The word 'Beat' pulses along, with a slightly bigger pulse when the current beat is a bar. Again, Motivation does not show the dynamic very well and there will be a remastered menu (not the same menu we mentioned in the first paragraph) that does. We are currently working on 'The Recipe' which displays note chart of the lead and some other instruments, but it is still not yet robust enough for menu releases. You can see an example here.

ㅤㅤAt the end of a menu, there are a list of the contents, other than the original menu and the visualizer itself, available (wallpapers, alternate editions of the menu, etc.), and an end note from the manager. The content listed is not static; It lists exactly what comes with the menu thanks to the per-menu data we can put into the template.

ㅤㅤLastly, the parallelogram-shaped element containing the menu title before the menu starts is themed by a static or animated menu art overlay (example), depend on whether the menu comes with a static wallpaper, or both static and animated. However, since it would be redundant when combined with the visualizer itself otherwise, the menus that contains no wallpaper of its own and the menus with a unique visualizer will have a plain color instead.

Additional Contents

ㅤㅤThe possible additional contents released with a menu are as follow: The original menu, alternate key signature, ringtone, static wallpaper, animated wallpaper, and visualizer.

ㅤㅤWe intend to release the alternate key signature and the ringtone together as a paid content (We were going to release them as Patron exclusives, but we do not like the subscription model on just one content creator, and we prefer that you have a taste on our menu first, then decide if it is worth paying.). Think of it as a thank you gift for ones who support us. The expected price is as cheap as one dollar or two. The original is always meant to be for free so you do not miss anything. We are currently looking for a place to properly put them on sale. Still not understand how the things will look like? We have a good news. While the alternate key signature version and the ringtone of Motivation, along with other menus in the future, are not for free, those of the upcoming 15 remastered menus will be, and they will act as what you will get if you buy those of the new menus.

ㅤㅤThe static and animated wallpapers are now released in the ultrawide format. The static wallpaper is released as a PNG file with the size 5120 x 2160 pixels, while the animated ones are in a 2560 x 1080 60 FPS MP4 video (encoded by Handbrake with a 16 RF quality). For 16:9 monitors, you can let the sides of the wallpaper off the screen without any loss in integrity. They were designed that way! Also, for Wallpaper Engine users, each available animated wallpaper has a Steam Workshop content of the same title.

ㅤㅤ"I really hope YouTube will add a setting to fit the video by width or height in the future. The ultrawide videos are letterboxed in 16:9 and most embedded players atm." — The Manager

There are a few more contents planned, but not listed due to a different target market.

  • The original menu for commercial use
  • Stems
  • Individual scoop with trailing after the end (made to order)
  • Full menu, or a scoop with specific set of instruments played in the original (made to order)

Noisysundae HQ

ㅤㅤThe Noisysundae HQ (our own website) is the biggest main task we have in the renovation. The visualizer 3.0 is the mere second. If you take a look into the alpha (Note: Desktop only. After the page is loaded, click the middle square. We do not have time to update the UI at the moment.), the only working section currently is the 'Post'. Still, they are filled with placeholders for now, but we can already make an actual post in there if we want. The thing is, we intend to finish the 'About' section first before doing that. The About contains our shop's bio and the manager's, as well as copyright notices, specifications of our contents, and more. We also have an idea of making a menu player with an ability to jump to, loop, or enqueue a scoop. Basically, you can arrange your own menu with those features, plus the things you see in the visualizer. But for now, we should focus on the core functionality of the HQ first. And before you ask, it does not work on Safari yet.

Other Renovation TODOs

ㅤㅤWe still need to make a new theme for the Bandcamp branch. The Visualizer 3.0 still does not have its default visualizers...Yes, visualizers. We planned to do one for each flavor this time (as opposed to only one default in the 1.0 and 2.0) so this is going to be huge. Other than that, the remaining tasks are mostly clean-ups

  • Updating old menu's metadata here (since they are available for download with unmodified metadata)
  • Say goodbye to some of the branches
  • Setting up the new ones: Twitter, Patreon, Spotify, etc.
  • Organizing the new directory tree on our own computer, plus backup.
  • Dealing with the renamed flavors
  • Updating YouTube thumbnails

The list goes on and on...

Noisysundae Catering

Status: Open

ㅤㅤSee the details in this post.

Makeshift Copyright Notice

ㅤㅤWe cannot speak like a real lawyer despite using somewhat formal language, so we will let the manager speak up by his own.

ㅤㅤ"For contents made exclusively for Newgrounds: Feel free to use it, even if it's for commercial uses (e.g. a game with microtransactions or ads). This applies as long as your work is only published on NG. Otherwise, continue reading.

ㅤㅤAlright. First, all contents produced by Noisysundae (It's actually a big one-person project so yup, my creations.) are under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license by default. So, if you really don't feel like speaking to me, yet going for even a cent with my content, don't use it. And make sure to give me a credit: Just my name and stating that I made the menu ('<blablabla title> by Noisysundae' or something like that) is fine, but if you're gonna do that for real, please at least spell it correctly (Noisysundae or Noisy Sundae) so people can google looking for me if they're curious.

ㅤㅤI don't mind having a credit on an explicit content as long as it's not extremely violent. You can always ask if your work is extremely violent to me. For the traditional commercial uses (something that doesn't fall into the gray area like monetization does), I'm going to put my menus on sale for the commercial license, as my staff said in the Additional Contents section of this post. Despite all that said, you can always ask me if you're not very sure.

ㅤㅤOne last thing. Because this will be the case soon after I release the remastered menus...I got a copyright claim of your music on YouTube, what do I do? Well, if you are sure you did everything according to whatever stated above, capture the evidences first (so I know that you did everything right in case your video got taken down), then dispute the claim. I don't have my hands on the YT Content ID management yet so I can't lift a claim myself. Also, I'm not sure if my distributor will notify me when someone file a dispute or not, but if you're good to go and your video gets taken down due to that dispute without me knowing, tell me directly and I'll help you." — The Manager

ㅤㅤThat sums everything up. Now we think, with just the sheer amount of characters alone, you already know why the renovation takes really long. Remember, 'we' do not actually exist.

For copyright issues, business inquiries, or just common discussions, just shoot us a PM here,

or e-mail us at


A reply within 48 hours guaranteed regarding the first two statements.

"Well, I can't do captcha here, so I put the e-mail address into an image. That's one way to deal with crawlers, mostly used by spammers. The address is, technically, not in a form of text." — The Manager



Posted by Noisysundae - August 18th, 2019

Table of Contents

ㅤㅤ• Note of the Week

ㅤㅤㅤㅤ• 29 Sep 2019: Delayed..

ㅤㅤㅤㅤ• Visualizer 3.0

ㅤㅤㅤㅤ• Menu Release Dates

ㅤㅤㅤㅤ• Other Stuff

ㅤㅤ• Commission Details (not yet opened)

ㅤㅤ• TODO List

Note of the Week


ㅤ"I've underestimated the render time on Blender. Been having at it for over 20 hours now and it looks like taking up around 40 more. Sorry for the delay, but it won't be in October for sure! For now, I can do nothing but wait. Hang in there, my laptop." — The Manager

Visualizer 3.0

ㅤ"Dayum, now I really hate my perfectionism. You know right away it's gonna be next Sunday if you see this and the banner! For now, I'll leave the final 10-second intro here." — The Manager

ㅤOne big change on the visualizer 3.0 is that the YouTube End Screen is not available in the ultrawide format. While it is sad that there will be no more clickable stuff at the end (And it obviously means we were forced to scrap the current end screen concept. We should have discovered this sooner.), this also allows us to design the end overlay to look good everywhere, not just on YouTube. The Recipe part of the visualizer overlay may not make it to Motivation because it is still not stable enough, but we are trying to make it work before the next new menu release in November.

Menu Release Dates

These two are the candidates for the next release! For the remastered menus, the release schedule has changed a bit. To spare some time for working on the rest of the renovation project while also keeping up with the releases and commissions (if we manage to find one, let alone make a living on them), the release dates will follow the same rule as we did Motivation: It may or may not be released, but if it is, it will be on Sunday. Not on the first Sunday of the month, though, since we save that for newly created menu. Note that the delayed dates are mostly because of the visualizer. Our tradition is to release everything in a menu simultaneously.

Other Stuffs

ㅤWe are going to get back at making more menu starting next week. Unfortunately, we really cannot call the current state of our renovation finished. The Noisysundae HQ has not progress any further than last month. The theme components for some branches still have not been made. The visualizers for each flavor, too, which act as an animated version of flavor wallpapers. For now, our plan after next Sundae is to finish the Post and the About section of the Noisysundae HQ ASAP since we are going to need them very soon (updates, portfolio for commissions, copyright notice, etc.).

ㅤFor anyone missed the previous notes, the Renovation WIP Stuff playlist on YouTube contains previews of what is to come when the renovation is finished.

Commission Details

(not yet opened)

ㅤWe are going to write down all the details in the Noisysundae HQ. It will be available once the renovation is finished. As of now, the styles we intended to go for the commissions are atmospheric and melodic stuff as you usually taste from our menus like OceansideHeart of the Mountain, and many other. We also prefer epic (fake) chiptune like Midnight Phantoms and piano stuff too. All is mixed with the current mastering approach (Cosmic Observer and Your Everyday Happycore, for examples). Currently, we set the main focus on the renovation and we are going to finish it first within a few months.


This list is updated weekly but the actual changes are not.

ㅤ+ : New ← Newly added entries are marked as new for one week

ㅤ- : Plan

ㅤ= : Design

ㅤ* : Implement

ㅤ# : Finished

New Default Theme

ㅤBanner Overlays (16:9 base ratio) #

ㅤIcons #

ㅤAnimated Jingle #

ㅤFacebook: Story Banner -

ㅤYoutube: Channel Trailler -


ㅤWallpaper/Animated Wallpaper Template #

ㅤFlavor (Cover) Templates (Regular, 16:9, Youtube Thumbnail) #

ㅤIcon Badge Template #

ㅤReplacing Flavor Cover with Cropped Wallpaper (for menus released with wallpapers) -

ㅤUpdating All Flavor Covers (Completed: 6 / 10) ######---- [On Hold: We are planning to start this task over due to the change of the base aspect ratio for artworks.]

ㅤㅤAir Flavored

ㅤㅤReconstruction Flavoredㅤ(was Remix Flavored)

ㅤㅤMajesty Flavoredㅤ(was Majestica Flavored)

ㅤㅤMetal Flavored

ㅤㅤPiano Flavored

ㅤㅤPixel Flavored

ㅤㅤRandomness Flavoredㅤ(was Unnamed Flavored)

ㅤㅤVanilla Flavoredㅤ(was Classic Flavored)

ㅤㅤSpace Flavored

ㅤㅤVelocity Flavored


ㅤMenu Description Template #

ㅤUpdating Existing Description (incl. grammar fix) #

ㅤUpdating Additional Texts in Each Branch #

ㅤUpdating File Tags (Metadata) #


ㅤChanging Base Format from WAV to FLAC #

ㅤAll-new FL Studio Template #

ㅤRemastered Menus (Completed: 15 / 15) #

ㅤThe Noisysundae Anthem (Revealed: The title is 'Motivation') #

Other Updates

ㅤMake the menu (a playlist with all main releases) for all branches #

ㅤThai Language Support *

Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0

ㅤThe 10-second intro #

ㅤVisualizer Section

ㅤㅤLayout Header *

ㅤㅤLayout Content: The Mixer *

ㅤㅤLayout Content: The Recipe *

ㅤㅤLayout Content: The Scoop *

ㅤㅤDefault Visualizers for each Flavor (Completed: 0 / 10) *

ㅤEnd Screen *

ㅤBPM, Key Signature Indicators *

Noisysundae HQ (Noisysundae.com) & About 3.0

ㅤLoading Screen & Jingle *

ㅤMenu Header (After Jingle, Top of the Page) *

ㅤPosts =

ㅤDownloads -

ㅤAbout =

ㅤInfo -

ㅤSettings *

ㅤPlayer -

Note: There will be no more changes on Blogger, MySpace, and YourListen since we are planning to close them after we finish the renovation.