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"Definition of me: A code laborer who cares about his true passion." — The Manager

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Noisysundae's News

Posted by Noisysundae - July 31st, 2021


Posted by Noisysundae - March 30th, 2021

"...using 2D Curves and the SVG Export add-on (Bundled with Blender, you just need to enable it)

Assuming you already know the basics of how the UI works in Blender, everything in the pic below is all you need for an SVG editing template.

Combined with the Bézier Utility add-on, you can merge / subtract shapes by marking additional control points on intersections and reconnecting them. The add-on provides its own shortcuts for curve editing as well.


This is also a hint to the upcoming menu! There's an unlisted video posted on YouTube." — The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - February 2nd, 2021

"So...it's already one month in. As I said in this post, I started another full-time job since last month. I'm working from home currently and that saves me a few more hours I'd waste on the traffic otherwise, but I don't expect this to last more than a month or two from now. With the extra time I have, I'm using it to finish as many flavor visualizer as I can. There are 6 more to go. To be honest, I don't come up with ideas for some of them yet. On the other side, the ideas for new menus are piling up."

— The Manager

Current Flavor Arts

Here are the new flavor arts we have finished so far. We will submit them to the Art Portal once all 10 are done.

Piano Flavored


Majesty Flavored


Air Flavored


Velocity Flavored


Space Flavored


Upcoming Menus

With some of these linked with an example, our to-do list for the upcoming menus is...

Other Stuff


We also have a change of plan related to the visualizer template: Migration (from After Effects / Blender hybrid to 100% Blender). We are only currently researching the possibility using the latest Majesty flavor visualizer, which was made in Blender. Our biggest concern for this matter is finding an intuitive approach for text masking. It is heavily used in the visualizer overlay, plus dynamic text content. Anyway, we are going to set this task aside until we finish both the current visualizer and Noisysundae HQ (website). The demo reel for commission work presentation is waiting in line as well.


Posted by Noisysundae - January 10th, 2021

This is a preview of the visual for the next menu, which is not a remastered one.


"The menu will be released with a static and an animated wallpaper. Not a unique visualizer since I want to update a new flavor art as well. That means this menu isn't Velocity, Space, or Air Flavored. Below's the scene in Blender." — The Manager


Since the manager now has another job once again, this will progress somewhat slower. We expect this menu to be released by this Sunday or the next.


Posted by Noisysundae - December 25th, 2020


"Welp, nothing else to post yet, making changes on the base voxel model lately. The next new menu and the next remaster are gonna need a new flavor art (plus visualizer) each, though." — The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - December 8th, 2020

"Long story short: New year, new job as a salaryman. Anyway, I seriously want to make Noisysundae into a real living in a few years, so unlike the previous job which I decided to stop releasing menus, I'm going at both of them!

This time, I think I do need some advice, so if you have anything you want to tell me on any topic of this post, feel free to comment, or PM me if you don't want your thoughts to go public."

— The Manager

A New Job

"I'm signing another contract for a permanent job as a software engineer tomorrow, after 2 whole years being a NEET. Not sure if the term actually applies to me, but one certain thing is that I've always been working on Noisysundae ongoing tasks and learning stuff needed to make a game (Anyone remembered Decay Project?)."

— The Manager

Music Commission

"I've written notices in the profile headers a few times that I'm open for music commission, but gotta admit the messages weren't very clear because of all the role playing going on here. Maybe I should drop it if I really mean business. Plus, I didn't do anything more than that simply because I don't know where to start looking for a music freelance job, especially VGM (and I live in Asia on top of that, so if it really happens, I only work remotely.). I appreciate any advice in this regard."

— The Manager

Game Development Stuff

"Lately, I've been tinkering around Godot as I intend to use it not just for games, but also a template for animated wallpapers and if it works well, Noisysundae HQ (website) and a real-time version of the visualizer. Did I mention Decay Project? Ah, yes, I'm planning to redo all of that in Godot as well (Already replicated character controller I did in that Unity prototype, plus camera.), with all these game design notes I've been occasionally writing since the start of the Renovation.


And the inside of one of them, as a proof. See the letter and line count below.


And Decay wasn't the only game design I'm writing throughout the years.


I will put a brief description on some of other projects than Decay here: Beatdown is Crypt of the Necrodancer but MOBA, Green is a casual reflex-based game similar to the Lumberjack minigame in Work Time Fun. Hue is a game where you can play it as a Hack and Slash game, an RPG, or a stealth game, based on a character the player begins with, all in the same set of game mechanics. TD is...Tower Defense + match 3 mechanics (No, not color-coded towers. :P). Kill or Lie (actually named Kill/Lie but a folder name can't include slash) is more of worldbuilding with some random ideas on the stories. It's a thriller playing around judging the book by its cover, and there's no doubt it's going to be an interactive novel. I'm not very confident in my English writing skills, though.

And before you ask, game design I wrote is 80% about game mechanics (except Kill/Lie, of course) so don't worry, I don't confuse them with (story) writing or visual design. Nonetheless, the game design without at least a prototype is just...a bunch of ideas, so I'm thinking about finding a team to be in as a game designer (I can also double as a dev if you will) at this point. Seriously, I'm willing to share some of these, but I'm thinking about making it visually pleasing if I'm going to do so, since each of them is going to be really, really long.

Edit: Forgot to post Godot screenshots. Here!



Talking about Godot, I'm playing around its shader language (GDSL), mainly to try making my own vertex-based motion blur and FXAA."

— The Manager

A New Job (cont.)

"Okay, I completely forgot to say something about the plans with the upcoming job. I aim to be in it for around 3 to 5 years, just enough to be a senior, perhaps longer, while doing things off-work to achieve any of these: shipping an indie game, actively doing VGM commission works, or opening an actual (local) ice cream shop (Thinking about alcoholic ice cream, but personally, I don't do booze, not even a glass of wine.).

I normally don't write personal things here, or on the internet in general, so this paragraph might sound hypocritic and weird. It's fine if you'll think bad of me from here on out, I respect that. Anyway, here goes nothing...tbh, I had happier time working on Noisysundae all day, and sometimes I did all the way from 6 (I'm a natural early bird) to midnight, even rarely skip lunch. I mean, not "there's a lot of work I don't have time for lunch" kind of thing, more like, I'm simply caught up in the moment I forget everything else. The only downside to me is that Noisysundae is not profitable, partly because I always release menus for free and I know that I can't just start completely paywalling my new menus. Since 2014, I only earned around 150 bucks in total (yes, in total). With that kind of strong passion (and that wasn't for money, too), I really hope I can make a living out of it, either as a music composer or a game dev, but I still didn't prove myself for the latter.

For the rest of this year, I'll try crunching the remaining tasks on Noisysundae Renovation as much as I can (Noisysundae HQ, visualizer, etc.). Going to make a demo reel for music commission as well."

— The Manager

Bonus: Another WIP of Guilt


Posted by Noisysundae - September 28th, 2020

"Yay, the reverse psychology worked. Thanks for paying this post a visit, though. :D" — The Manager


Do you feel like you have seen this selfie somewhere before? Anyway, this is in our latest unique visualizer of Scenic Ride in Eb, the long-awaited fifth menu of the 2020 Remaster project, available in the Movie Portal as well as the Audio and the Art Portal.

We recommend the Movie Portal this time, though, with the girl in the selfie fully animated! She is a voxel version of Nadeshiko Kagamihara from the Laid-Back Camp series. Everything except the original character design was made from scratch. Here are screenshots for each software used in production, with links in the headers for free / open source ones. Click the image to see it in full resolution.


For this visualizer, it all started here. This is where we build Nadeshiko and almost every element in the scene from cubes (voxel is like pixel art, but in 3D). They still cannot flex in here, however. Nade can only T-pose with her face on the floor.



The rest of the production in 3D, from optimizing the exported models to animation and rendering, are done here. Things in the image below are for the character animation.

"Note: Mounting and unmounting the bike are the trickiest actions to pull off." — The Manager



Assembling vector overlays from Illustrator and some minor editing (such as overlay blending options and masking), mostly for static wallpapers.



Vector stuff: Ones that can scale indefinitely and still look sharp. In the image, it is a Japanese vertical version of the Laid-Back Camp logo (based on the anime logo since it looks better than the manga counterpart, with other overlays).

One thing to note here: The ャ (ya) is supposed to be on the upper right of its character space in the vertical Japanese writing, but that ended up looking bad in this logo.


After Effects

2D motion graphics editing, MIDI / audio driven overlays in the visualizer, vector overlays in animated wallpaper, etc. The whole conversation in the group chat is shown here.


FL Studio

The menu.



"This one's a bit special. I use Notepad++ as a fast text editor because, well, it's fast. I can keep the window open when rendering since it doesn't hog up my laptop as much as other editors. When I do more complex dev stuff, I use Visual Studio Code instead." — The Manager


And others that we think we made too little use of them for this showcase.

  • Audacity: Audio editor, can be used for audio file conversion as well.
  • Handbrake: An ffmpeg GUI, focused on video file conversion.
  • Mp3Tag: Audio metadata editor. Despite the name, it can be used on most of other audio file types too.
  • Foobar2000: Music player, used for ReplayGain.
  • IrfanView: A lightweight image viewer, but with a good batch image file conversion.
  • Waifu2x-Caffe: Do not care about its weebish name. It is actually an excellent non-photorealistic image upscaler.


Posted by Noisysundae - August 27th, 2020

The following message is from the video description.

"The Discord ping smh.

I swear this is the last project I'll make before I finish the next unique visualizer. Everything is being held off by that one unfinished bottleneck. Some nostalgic moment kicked in and I managed to make an early concept out of a mix from another WIP (which I haven't posted here).

Also, over here, Thought is making quite a progression, and Nadeshiko is still being animated for the upcoming visualizer for a remaster. The full thing will have her being fully animated, not just some short looping animations."

— The Manager

According to what our boss said about Nade, here is a preview of a task that has been our priority™ for a few months now. Switching around some ongoing tasks without finishing any was part of the reason.


It was our first time doing 3D character animations so it might look robotic. We still have much to learn in this field so we welcome any suggestion.

In case you are not a regular here, we usually make menus (music) with a visualizer to go with. Unique ones are made exclusively for one menu. Take a look at our upload list on YouTube.



Posted by Noisysundae - May 21st, 2020

"One doesn't simply resist the urge to post this WIP." — The Manager

The following message is from the video description.

"Took a break from the ongoing Nadeshiko animation task to recreate the mix of a WIP I posted almost a year ago, using the newest version of my FL Studio template. Managed to cook an epic buildup 12 hours in! This will be released after the next remastered menu, though. The treble is still too overwhelming, I guess. I better get back to the animation task."

— The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - April 19th, 2020

"...according to this post and the last, I just did, on my laptop screen, with Blender and MagicaVoxel." — The Manager

Fullscreen, HQ, and loop recommended

"Everything that moves here is randomized, including Nadeshiko tapping her phone in a somewhat weird flex. This is an early preview of the next remastered menu, and more stuffs (missing scene elements, accessories, manual animations) are on my to-do list."

— The Manager


Kohoku View Line, near Momiji Tunnel: https://goo.gl/maps/r1F8MwdaJ5LpwQnN8

Kagamihara Nadeshiko, from Laid-Back Camp

"I used May 2012 and August 2019 Google Street View images for scene references. For Nadeshiko, I prefer the manga version over the anime counterpart. That's also why I put the vertical shading lines and lens distortion into the video." — The Manager