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Noisysundae's News

Posted by Noisysundae - 3 days ago

"...but I'm not sure if it'll turn out to be good. I'm giving a very obvious hint of the next remastered menu here. :P" — The Manager


This is a remade menu logo from the existing menu that is the next one in line. If the Japanese vertical writing format is wrong, do tell us. We merely did some searches on how to properly write it. This will have something to do with our base human voxel model we just finished making.


"I have a good reason to write the menu title in katakana, though. It's because it got popular among a bunch of Japanese customers once, by a Japanese let's play video (or a few of them? idk. I didn't dig further than that one). Other than the logo, I researched and collected a few references for the character I'm modeling for the upcoming visualizer, which will undoubtedly be a unique one. Was being at modeling the base model for a whole week and now I know how tedious character modeling actually is. It'll be much quicker to make more voxel characters from now on, though, since I also coded some Python scripts to partially automate the tasks on the Blender side."

— The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - 1 month ago

The Remasters

The fourth 2020 remastered menu, Blooming Nightshade in C, is now available here with free extra contents linked in the description. As you see in the profile header, we showed the dark mode on the Velocity visualizer for the first time ever. This is already in the menu description as well. Just click the YouTube link and watch the video in-page, right below it.

"I didn't make any change to the visualizer this time. It's still in version 3.1c like the previous video. But I have a big reason; Another unique visualizer is on its way! I expect that it will take around 3-4 weeks to finish due to the art being a small-scale 3D animation. I did voxel arts before and this was made with my old base voxel human model. I'm currently making a new one in a better proportion, but still use the real thing as a reference. Plus, I've been at the production of an MMD-ish video in Blender for one month straight, partly as my own intensive Blender course (It was during the Noisysundae's renovation phase last year, btw.). So, I'm much better at 3D stuff now and I think I can pull it off much faster than before. Here's the comparison between the old (left) and the new (right) base model in MagicaVoxel."

— The Manager


The Coronavirus

"Since it already spreads to more and more western countries lately, I think I'll put a quick list of countermeasures I did over here, in one of the first countries affected by the virus: Thailand. I'm still doing well, and you should too!"

— The Manager

  • Stop stockpiling packs of toilet paper. It won't help!
  • Wash your hands, very, often (preferably any time you have an access to a tap, especially after shopping or getting off public transport), with soap, if possible. Wiping your hands with your own handkerchief, or even your pants, is usually better than with toilet paper (You're aware that other people also touched the piece you're going to use, right?). Say no to the hand dryers!
  • Using hand sanitizer is fine too, but be aware that it only kills off some of the germs, and in this case, the germs die on your hands.
  • Avoid touching your face, any wound on your body, and your phone without washing your hands first.
  • Over here and many other countries in Asia, wearing a mask is a norm (at least in the cities). In case you're infected, it keeps you from spreading the virus out, especially through the air. It only helps you a little otherwise, but keep in mind that it usually takes up about 1-2 weeks before any symptom of the virus occurs, and you have no way to know if you're infectious before then.
  • If you have a wound on your hands, consider wearing a pair of gloves. The wounds are openings too.

"Basically, keep any opening on your body away from potential sources of the virus (your hands also count). Stay safe, everyone."

— The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - 1 month ago

The Remasters

This time, it is one of less popular menus back in 2015, I've No Idea What I'm Doin' in G. As a 2020 remastered menu, free extra contents (e.g. the menu in original key, a ringtone, etc.) are available in the menu description.

Renovation Progress

For the past 2 weeks, we focused on the visualizer 3's render time optimization. Back in 3.1a, the Velocity visualizer takes about 8 hours on average to render a 1-minute video (3600 frames). Now in 3.1c, it takes only 5. For anyone who have never seen it, we proudly present the Noisysundae Visualizer 3! Below is the latest 2020 remaster menu in Visualizer 3.1c.

In Adobe After Effects, the render time cut is mostly from replacing a lazily added CC Force Motion Blur on an adjustment layer, to a set of directional blur and radial blur effects (plus a bit of masking and mattes) applied on most moving elements, controlled with expressions. Also, it arguably provides better result (depending on how you use the expression) because the CC Force Motion Blur is frame-based. Here is the comparison between moving amplitude bars in 3.1a (CC Force Motion Blur) and 3.1c (Directional Blur + Set Matte).


"The Noisysundae Visualizer has always been treated like a software rather than a video template due to the amount of expressions (Think Javascript's template literal...Wait, it's actually JS I've been coding. :P) put into. If you're interested, below's the changes I've made so far since 3.0. I wrote a change log for each version as a YouTube comment."
— The Manager


  • Added a new default visualizer: Space Flavored
  • Adjusted MIDI-related animation timing on some elements e.g. the beat pulses in the visualizer overlay. In Motivation, it was 1-2 frames too late.
  • Added motion blur on the elements in the visualizer overlay.
  • Changed the end screen's content list formatting and wording.
  • Fixed a bug where the text at the bottom of the end screen is sometimes masked out.


  • Added a new default visualizer: Velocity Flavored
  • Minor render time optimizations; This does not change anything in the final result.
  • Known Issue in v. 3.1a: In the Velocity Flavored visualizer, there are still some flickering particles caused by orthographic FOV (CC Particle World). Coming up with a workaround in the next video that uses this visualizer.


  • Space Flavored: Upscaled (2x) for image rendering (promo headers, icons, etc.), added star particles, and made adjustments related to audio amplitude scaling and color palette
  • From 0:05 to 0:10, The text box containing menu and flavor title is now centered if it does not take up the maximum width inside the polygon.


  • Velocity Flavored: Changed particle blending mode as a workaround of depth flickering present in the older versions.
  • Velocity Flavored: Adjusted particle birth rates, amplitude scalings, and color picking hue range.
  • Velocity Flavored: Added radial blur (zoom) effect on the particle group as a fake motion blur.
  • Velocity Flavored: Fixed radial blur effect boundary on the spinning particles.
  • 10-second Intro: menu and flavor title now also automatically, vertically centered.
  • 10-second Intro: Fixed minor detail masking.
  • End Screen: Fixed vertical adjustment of the end note. Back then, short end notes sat too low in the view.
  • Replaced motion blur (except the intro) with expression-driven directional/radial blur, reducing render time.
  • Added flavor visualizer's base property override (e.g. forcing dark mode on a Space visualizer).


Posted by Noisysundae - February 24th, 2020

The Remasters

Iridium in F is the second release of the 2020 Remasters. Since there were some additional modifications on the menu done in 2020, we think the set should no longer be called 2019 Remasters. Nonetheless, there are free extra contents available in the menu description. Time Attack in E, and other 13 remastered menus yet to be released, have their extra contents available for free as well.

Renovation Progress

"I've written some information regarding the release schedule of new menus and flavor arts in one of the previous posts. Basically, a new menu will be released on Sunday or a holiday, and an old flavor art will be replaced with the new one when a menu with the flavor is released."

— The Manager

Space Flavored


Just like the Velocity flavor, all former releases in Space Flavored are updated with the new art. However, the arts attached to the MP3 files we uploaded here are not yet updated, and it is currently not on our priority list, but we will announce it when we finish updating all of them. In the meantime, you can order the menus with updated flavor arts for free at Bandcamp.

Description Template

"Below is a quick look at how everything after the actual description (links, short copyright notice, etc.) were automated, as well as the scripts to be used in AE and Mp3tag. Everything Noisysundae was made by me alone anyway, so all the confidential stuff are up to me to be revealed. This is one of many. Feel free to pause the video if you want to read anything within."

— The Manager

We are going for one final iteration (hopefully) of editing all existing menus' descriptions, after we finish the description template. We still have to test and get rid of some corner cases to make sure there is no error when we utilize it.


Posted by Noisysundae - February 1st, 2020

"...I can store a js template literal in a function to avoid early evaluation. Below is an example (inside HTML <script> tags).

foo = {
  	a: function () {
  		return `${bar}`;
	// The thing below won't work 'cause it gets evaluated ON PAGE LOAD, not when called.
	b: `${bar}`
Works in Chrome (V8), at least."
— The Manager

Posted by Noisysundae - January 25th, 2020

"As I have said in this post that I'm doing something about the description, I got a suggestion from Tom regarding the new description formatting. Tried storing in RTF editors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It looked good in them, yes, but there was one thing: The poor block quotes, like one you're reading right now, didn't make it due to the block quote itself having no equivalent in the RTF format. So, what am I doing now?

Since these things are HTML elements, I'm making a static page to generate them, plus other stuff like audio file metadata and JS object for visualizer 3.0.


For this, it'll take a week or two from now before the next menu release. Once this template (It's rather a small program at this point.) is done, it will greatly help saving my time and energy releasing a menu by being able to fill in everything in one place. Still have to manually copy everything to each site, though, unless I go as far as coding HTTP requests or something.

The header rows on the right are the sites I publish something on for each menu (except AE and Mp3tag, of course). One requirement is the ability to save the filled page as one HTML file so I can put it into each menu's directory. Also, it's been a few months since I last touched Noisysundae HQ so I need some exercise. Have never grown distant to web dev, though, since I open up the Inspector quite often."
— The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - January 16th, 2020

"Many people here are using clyp.it already, but I just discovered it after I realized Mich shut Instaudio down. Perfect for short/WIP stuff! For that, I posted a piano short there. Too bad there's no way to set a clyp to loop yet. Tbh, really wanna focus on a new menu now but the visualizers need to be done first." — The Manager


Posted by Noisysundae - January 5th, 2020

The Remasters

The release of Time Attack in E marks the start of the 2019 Remasters releases. There are 14 more to go! Each of the remastered menus comes with free extra contents so be sure to check the description.

The Header & Release Schedule

The overlay in our profile header was also updated with this release. The part above the menu title now indicates the branches (platform) the menu is currently available. The branches in the OTW line are under our distributor's delivery (current distro: Amuse and RouteNote) and can take up to a few weeks after the visualizer release date. As a rule of thumb, the branches that allows us to release our menus directly are Bandcamp, Gumroad, Newgrounds, Soundloud, and YouTube.

"I omitted the c on purpose." — The Manager

Otherwise, the release schedule is very simple: If there is anything to release, it will be available on Sunday (or a holiday). This also applies to the branches in the OTW line.

Updates on Renovation


We think everyone saw this already, but in a different color palette. It is the new artwork for the Velocity Flavored, comes with animated version as one of Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0's defaults. All existing menus' covers are updated, too. This will happen each time a new flavor artwork is introduced.

We are also going through another iteration of updating the description for all main menus, now that we found that the current placement does not look so good in the search result (almost everywhere, not just Newgrounds). We are moving the actual description to the top. In Newgrounds, since description text formatting is now supported, we are doing that too.

Regarding the Space Flavored art that is already live in the visualizer for Miss Flora, we forgot to set the base art's canvas to our standard (5120 x 2160) in After Effects and we have to upscale the art later. Plus, we still want to add a bit more details into the art.


Posted by Noisysundae - December 20th, 2019

"This exists since forever but not many people know that any YouTube link in the audio description will open as an in-page embedded player when clicked!


And yes, almost all Noisysundae menus have visualizer." — The Manager



Posted by Noisysundae - December 16th, 2019