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I can be an introvert, a nerd, a meme addict, and more, but I'm a musical cook right here. Have something to say? Just PM. If I don't answer, it's because I forget to do so. Don't be afraid to PM again. I have a bad habit of opening the inbox and leave.

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(a full-time) Job

ㅤㅤ"Been working as a junior software dev for a couple of weeks now. The job has flexible hours, yes, but I work on-site which means there're opening and closing hours. On top of that, I'm forced to get up too early since I live in Bangkok (aka The World's Worst City for the Rush Hour). I wake up at 4, go out at 6, waste 2 hours to the traffic jam, leave the site at 5-6, and waste another 2-3 hours on the way back, end up having only 10 hours (at best) away from work. That amount would be fine if I have never made Noisysundae in the first place. Now I have to put it aside and focus on the job most of the time. The job itself is not exhausting at all, but it makes me realize I've always had a place I love to work at; here. Simply put, I don't like this new job but I can do it. Just feel uncomfortable now that I have much less time to do things I used to do. Those days were full of passion, motivation, and fun despite getting next to no income from the works (Only about $5 per year, in fact.). I really miss them." — The Manager


ㅤㅤ"From those feelings I have lately, I want to see if I can have Noisysundae as a real job! I'm thinking about opening a new branch, Patreon. Anyway, before you ask, I'm not going to charge you guys anything in order to enjoy our menu. They're free and will always be. The main idea is to make a donation box. Noisysundae already have one, but it's just a Paypal URL and no one notice it. I wanna make something more than just that. The Patreon branch is opening after renovation. If by chance it goes so well it has a potential that I can do this for a living, I'm willing to quit the current job and work on Noisysundae 24/7, full throttle, no holding back!" — The Manager

ㅤㅤAside from what the manager said, we are also planning to overhaul the flavors; rename it properly, and make a new cover art for each flavor (4K resolution base, cropped to a square). As for the new default visualizers, our ideal right now is to make a visualizer for each flavor, but it would take a whole year with the situation we are in right now. This is why we really hope our manager can actually quit his current job in favor of Noisysundae.


ㅤㅤ...is still in progress. From today on, Noisysundae will gradually change its appearance whether we make an announcement or not. In the last two weekends we had (since our manager got a new job), we made a new wallpaper template. Starting from the next sundae, all our wallpapers in the future will be available in 4K resolution! We also got the new NG news post header which will replace the old "Latest Sundae" text and link. The sundaes released with a wallpaper will have it as the header background, whereas the regular ones will be like this.


ㅤㅤWe made a version of the header with image map (map example: links in our Bandcamp header), and planned to embed it, but failed. Perhaps we have to use an iframe for that? As for unique visualizers, we intend to do the animated version, but we cannot confirm for now since we are looking for a better file format than animated GIF. Plus, as we said, we really want to use the image map for links.

ㅤㅤThe upcoming menu, The Loner's Lullaby, is coming with our first 4K wallpaper and the header with background. This should be done in a week or two. We cannot tell exactly when but we will try our best to keep up. We love our works here, as well as you. <3

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