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Day 8037 : Just another day

2017-01-27 20:20:38 by Noisysundae

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A few hours left! Hurry up before the e-mail I got from NG become meaningless!


Apart from my birthday, I got a new laptop now. My old one's GPU was broken and was replaced. I passed it to my sister. The main cause of buying a new laptop is I was going to the Thailand Game Jam site. It was my first time. Had only 2 hours of sleep each day. Here's the game page. I did the coding on player controller, camera, and definitely, the audio. My team made the wrong decision trying to make a LAN multiplayer game. :P

HNY '17

2017-01-01 00:12:44 by Noisysundae

Happy new year everyone! Hope you guys have a better year than that scumbag 2016! :D

Unfortunately, I might not deliver a new sundae in time because of my recent trip and I just arrived at home last night. Anyway, here's my greeting card! This was on December 30th at Phu Chi Fa (ภูชี้ฟ้า), Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.


The next release is coming with an update on the visualizer too. Some new animations on the end screen. ;)

Making a new sundae after not posting anything new for a couple of months straight.
Here's a random intro.

At this moment, I still have a major problem with my AMD graphic driver. It installed its update in that freaking system32 folder. One of these two happens if I try opening any program with heavy graphics: the screen flickers randomly, or the whole system goes blank. In the latter case, the audio still plays a bit longer before it goes silent. For example, if that occurs when I listen to a music playlist. The current track continues playing, ends, and doesn't play the next track. I can't check if the computer is frozen because of the black screen.

The Decay project is paused since August because of the problems mentioned above. Anyway, I installed Photoshop and After Effects on a temporary OS so there's no problem rendering the visualizer and wallpaper.

New year, new OS, I guess.

Disclaimer : Before you ask, doing system restore doesn't remove anything inside system32. The only way is to reinstall Windows.
Oh, and I'm currently broke. Can't afford a better PC yet. :/

In memory of King Bhumibol Adulyadej

2016-10-14 06:23:02 by Noisysundae

We went inactive for a couple of months, but as soon as we saw a local news yesterday, we made a voxel character resembles our founder in his university outfit standing for our beloved king.


He was a good leader. Despite not taking many actions in politics, he started thousands of projects during his lifetime to help Thai people especially in agriculture, one of Thailand's main industries.

Now it is time for him to rest. We thank him for everything he did. If you are in Cambridge, MA and interested, Mt. Auburn Hospital is his place of birth. Also, there is King Bhumibol Adulyadej Square just half a mile away to the east.

NGUAC + senior year = madness (!= Sparta) / My identity

2016-08-21 10:50:47 by Noisysundae

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The title doesn't relate to any of Madness parodies. It's pure "madness"!

I don't even know if being a finalist of this year's NGUAC is a good or a bad news for me. My schedule gets a lot tighter than what I expected when combined with my senior project, seminar, and the Decay project. This is my objectives on my senior year right now.

  • Make a prototype of the project
  • Finish the abstract of the project's paper
  • Find a seminar topic and talk to the professor

All must be done within the first week of September. And more importantly, I'm so close to having the first-class honors for my degree. Only 0.02 more on the GPA and I'll get it. So, I might focus on studying more for this year. Anyway, I'll try my best to spare time for Decay. I have to pause it atm, unfortunately. It looks like many people here are getting so busy this year, though.

For people who missed all about Decay, click this. Lastly, if you're in Thailand and see a tall guy with a hairy mongolian spot on his left wrist, that's me! I'm pretty sure no one else has it. This naturally keeps me from being a criminal. :P


2016-07-29 21:04:10 by Noisysundae

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And again, since I've learned enough Blender, I used its particle system for this wallpaper. :P


I'm still in the NGAUC and still taking a break from 'Decay'. Once I'm out, I'm going to code the tools & weapons in the game. The previous prototype shows all physical abilities Lucas can do. Currently having no unique idea on enemies, though. (Aside from those platformer classics like death spike, turret, and the weight-from-above thingy, of course!)

I'll release the next prototype somewhere in August, but don't expect it to be on time. Due to the upcoming senior game project, (another one) I'm not sure of anything right now. I need to look at how my life is going to be. :/

NGAUC + How's 'Decay project' going

2016-07-21 00:23:54 by Noisysundae

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If you missed the last post, the 'Decay project' is a puzzle platformer I'm working on. And the first prototype was released here.

Well, I've made it to the knock-out round of Newgrounds Audio Underdogs Contest. (NGAUC) And the deadline is on 27th. The next sundae will be released very soon! But in return, I gotta slow down the game development as long as I'm still in the contest. Anyway, I have some parts of ongoing soundtracks for 'Decay'.

[Track 1] [Track 2] [Track 3]

The slower tempo on some parts didn't come from automating the BPM in FL like what I've done on 'Got home'.



Instead, it's purely note positions in the piano roll. Look at how the pattern is longer than expected.


(A screenshot from 'Track 1')

That's all of them for now. I will just keep adding more parts if something pops in my head. I won't rush it. And before you ask, I intended to make all the soundtracks piano pieces. :P

Decay - The first public prototype released!

2016-07-12 00:30:44 by Noisysundae

HERE (web / standalone)


Sorry for the long delay. I admit that I've bought a game at the terribly wrong time. XD
No more words, just play it! If you have anything to say, comment on this post.

Added "Sprint", "Long jump", and "Slide". Use them by jumping or crouching during sprinting. All the controls are explained in-game.

About the music, I'm making a new one right now. I took a break by coding instead, and that gave me a headache. :P
Actually, I'm also doing music for "Decay" too. That's why there are less new sundaes.

See you on 16th!

Edit : I'm sorry but I forgot that I'm having a Unity workshop on Monday! I'll publish a new sundae after that.
It's this one. Pretty much my only chance to meet Unity developers if you ask me.

Greetings and welcome. I want (you) to play a game.

2016-06-21 00:28:35 by Noisysundae

It's about time...


ㅤㅤDisclaimer : I know there are a lot of errors in the video and this wall of text. Please don't try to correct it. XD

ㅤㅤI'm proudly present to you a sidescroller project titled "Decay". The game is more like a puzzle, but there will be some action-packed levels in it. Currently, I'm focusing on completing the whole game mechanic first. The game will be made of voxel graphics.

ㅤㅤThere exists the story of the game, though. Our protagonist is Lucas, 41. He is a mechanical engineer who is facing a strange earthquake which causes everything float into the sky. Lucas is on the way to rescue his 16-year-old daughter, Leila. A month before that, Lucas and her mom went on a date. They had a severe car crash on the way back home. Leila hated him since then for being the cause of her mom's death. She had many arguments with Lucas. The last one makes Leila leave the house for an apartment room and locked herself in there. The earthquake happens on the third day after isolation. And unfortunately, her room is on the top floor!
ㅤㅤThis is the end of the story, for now.

The list of what I have done so far this month
ㅤㅤ• The cube GUI : Because normal buttons and texts are too mainstream! Just spin them to the side you want and click to confirm.
ㅤㅤ• Physics and base controls in the game : No need to explain. :P
ㅤㅤ• Gravity trigger (transparent blue box) : It changes the gravity of any object once touches the trigger.
ㅤㅤ• Perspective trigger (transparent yellow box) : Press shift button to shift the view and controls to another angle. This also changes gravity. Unlike gravity trigger, it only affects the player.
ㅤㅤ• Wall jump : It exists, yes, but you can't jump on one side of the wall repeatedly to climb up because it's impossible in real life. :D

I'm making more features for this game, definitely!


2016-06-02 21:59:49 by Noisysundae

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Hello there. I'm back after being absent for a whole month. First, the latest sundae got the first 3D graphics wallpaper ever made! Clicking the picture below brings you to the art portal.


And this is it in Blender.

In case you want to see the bigger picture of the snow bike, here it is.




About game dev things, I've made an account on Sketchfab and published my walk cycle animation test there. Want to embed it here so bad but NG tells me it's not on the whiltelist. It's great for being an interactive turntable. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I also bought Qubicle for modeling voxel objects in my game. It's more convenient than MagicaVoxel for me. Anyway, MagicaVoxel has far greater built-in render engine and it's free so I'll keep it.

The character in the link is in another game concept and I think it's really far future. Here is the earliest design of the protagonist of the game I'm working on.




Yup. It's still pretty dull. I'm trying my best to make him look more unique. By the way, the first prototype focuses on the game mechanic and I will get it done within this month. I suppose the full game might take me at least 8 months due to upcoming senior year project after this vacation. It means I have a total of 2 projects going on simultaneously by the next semester starting in August. New sundae might be released monthly during this time.