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Noisysundae's News

Posted by Noisysundae - March 2nd, 2016

Latest sundae ▲

Currently, I have too many TO-DOs for the next 2 months. Here's the list.

 • A game project : This one is the same project as one for the diploma, but the main reason my friends and I have to focus on it first is that we've made it to the contest since late January. It's a sandbox survival game which uses Kinect 2.0 and an app called Trinus VR for the monitor. In other words, a step closer to the Nervegear. (with a lot of bugs and limitations :P) I think this is a great opportunity to practice things. (in my case, Unity game engine) However, the deadline for this round is on March 15th. That means, I can't rush the development and the next sundae at the same period for sure.

 • Slipstream remade : Will release it on April 1st due to the game project. Other than that, I want to make it as awesome and epic as I can, both the sundae and the visualizer! You don't expect the already good one to sound worse with its remix, right?

 • A new channel trailer for Youtube : Later in the same month

 • Graphics : Since the university didn't give me much about CG lessons, I'm going to play around Blender for some time. Planned to use voxel arts for making my own games and downloaded MagicaVoxel to create them. Not really rushed but I think I should start doing it while I still have desire for it. I want to make a jingle too, with "A game by Noisysundae" in the center. :D

All in all, It's best to suspend the next release of Noisysundae to April for me. I feel a bit of reaching the writer's block on making music too so it's time to do something else for now, I guess. Anyway, I'm still checking all sites daily.

In the meantime, take a look at this sith katana rendered from MagicaVoxel!


Posted by Noisysundae - February 18th, 2016

Latest sundae ▲

The second half of the junior year is playing with me now with its exam week and projects, to the point that I can't go reading all the threads in the Audio BBS like I used to. Intended to work on an improved version of the first sundae that got popular and it is...


Not only that, I made a concept wallpaper since months ago. In the Photoshop PSD file, it has flame and smoke effects but I'm not sure if I can animate them in After Effects or if my laptop can handle them. I will try to do my best, anyway. You can take a look at this slick text logo without those effects here first. Just don't want to spoil it. ;)


I won't confirm that I will make it before the anniversary of it which is March 1st. Quite busy at this point.

Posted by Noisysundae - January 27th, 2016

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Yesterday was my birthday but I'm too busy to make a long sundae for it like I did every year. Hope looping it for like 3 times is equal to those long ones. :P

The next release will be on Valentine's day. Not a DnB or another Trance. After that, it'll be on the usual 1st and 16th of the month.

Posted by Noisysundae - January 27th, 2016

Making a quick sundae to celebrate it tonight! :P

Posted by Noisysundae - January 1st, 2016

Latest sundae ▲

And hey! How about this awesome remaster? (Thanks MegaSphere!)


Noisysundae got its second anniversary today. That was so fast. :O
To get this cool wallpaper below, click it!


A little flashback here. Did you wonder what the first sundae sounds like? Here it is.

And this was the beginning of the second year.

So far so good, eh?

There is a small update to the Noisysundae visualizer too. Check it out in the latest sundae.

If you didn't know it yet, clicking the youtube link will open the embed player inside NG. That's why I put the link in the first line of description.

And if you're interested, the Soundcloud branch are now opened. Noisysundae is there just for getting some new customers. (aka 'no premium') I still focus on NG and Youtube the most. I won't improve to where I am now if I wasn't here. So, thank you everyone who care about me. It's a little happiness an introvert can have at least. ;w; (Yup, I stayed home working on this one to the countdown!)

I'll make a new Youtube channel trailer soon, somewhere between January and March. Personally, I think the current one doesn't have enough impact to make viewers hit the subscribe button. :(

Posted by Noisysundae - December 16th, 2015

Latest sundae ▲

After a week of works on graphics, the latest unique visualizer and the last sundae of this year are here now. Check it out below!


The wallpaper is available here too. Now, on the way to make a sundae for Audio secret santa and 2016 new year. I feel like I'm pretty tough this month. Really want to do this anyway. The vacation is short. Gotta go fast!

Forgot to mention but the this is first sundae on Soundcloud too. I'm not going to use more than 180 minutes there, though.

Posted by Noisysundae - November 20th, 2015

Latest sundae

ㅤㅤI'm here to say goodbye for now and go get rid of the final exams. (Not actually. I'm still around. :P)
After that, the last couple of new sundae will be made in December. One with a unique visualizer after I've made the last one about a year ago.

ㅤㅤQ : Why did you call it unique?
ㅤㅤA : Usually, a cup of sundae serves with the regular visualizer uploaded on Youtube. The unique visualizers are either a modified version of regular visualizer or a whole new one. Anyway, making them consumes so much time and that's why I try to do them only on my vacation. The upcoming visualizer is the latter.

ㅤㅤThis time, I don't have any photo to paste here. It's a bit empty for me. :/

Posted by Noisysundae - October 25th, 2015

Latest sundae ▲

It seems I'm too late for the Halloween2015 competition but I can't take the first place anyway. :P
Another things I did today is uploading the PNG version of wallpapers to the art portal. Behold the full quality of our artworks and (probably) check out some old stuff you haven't eaten before.
Have a spooooooky day!


Posted by Noisysundae - October 3rd, 2015

Latest sundae

A bit late due to the exam week last week. This time, I don't really have anything related to Noisysundae to fill this post so I'll leave my spooky scary shark rocket here.


And this is the original drawing. Made during the class. :P


Did tribal art occasionally since grade 9. It's an effective time killer when I'm idle because all I have to do is just drawing random shapes together and paint it black. (Hmmmm...reference.) But for this one, I got an idea beforehand. I draw tribal stuff with blank mind most of the time. XD

The next sundae for halloween may come with a wallpaper of tribal art like this one. Should it be on the art portal, anyway?

Posted by Noisysundae - September 17th, 2015

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After making MIDI in the first part, the NGDIC2 (Newgrounds deserted island contest 2) : General MIDI - part 2 is about doing a mock-up. You can remaster any submission in the first part. Just make sure you don't change the composition of the original too much. Now the time's over. Wait for the voting time.

Ugh, not the exam week again. :(
Not sure if I can do another sundae before October 1st but I'll try. I got an idea in my head. Just have something else to do first.

Yo dawg I heard you like remixes so we put a remix in a remix so you can listen to a remix while you're listening to a remix of a remix.