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Posted by Noisysundae - September 2nd, 2015

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Edit 5/9/2015 : The voting time is over. Thank you for your contribution. (He's my main if you got the reference. :P)

Now, the NGDIC2 (Newgrounds deserted island contest 2) : General MIDI needs all of you to vote for your favorite pieces of MIDI. There are 10 submissions in this contest uploaded anonymously and you can prioritize your vote into the best 3 in your mind. Here's the 2colorful420blazeit NGDIC2 website. Download the zip and enjoy listening!

For anyone who have a problem with MIDI file, simply play it with Windows media player.

Posted by Noisysundae - August 18th, 2015


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ㅤㅤThe sundae on the top was made with the sounds produced from the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x monitor headphones I just bought last Friday. I can't find a banana for scale but there's a coin of 10 Thai Baht instead. (about an inch (2.5 cm) in diameter) Here's a mini review from my aspect.



ㅤㅤFirst, if you're seeking for a pair of badbass headphones, this one is definitely not for you. Anyway, it has a clear and noticeable sub bass (I prefer sub bass from this over my old bassy one!) and slightly above average mids and high mids for me. It lacks soundstage but the price (around $170 in Thailand) and FR (15-28k Hz) make up for it.


ㅤㅤA bit disappointing that this one is 95% plastic. The parts that were made from metal are extensions on the headband, (They're very thin though.) rings on the back of cups, and the folding joints for the sake of marking L and R on them. (You didn't think the 3.5mm heads will be made of plastic, right? :P) Leather earpads certainly struggle against sweat especially when combined with being closed-back. On the plus side, the thing I really like is that they can bend! The cups can rotate up to +-90 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. At least, these things might make these headphones be with you a bit longer. Also, this comes with 3 detachable cords - The short, the longer, and the coiled one. All of them is pretty thick so you can be sure that they won't break easily.


ㅤㅤThis is the best part of the ATH-M50x from what I see! Barely any complaint on this part. Sound isolation is great. It can make the noise from TV much quieter. The true meaning of over-ear is definitely this! Guaranteed covering your ears if its headband is big enough for your head. I can go mixing my sundae with it all day without getting hurt from its pressure because the earpads don't rest on any part of my ears at all. There's the heat in the earpads after long-time use but it's normal for every closed-back headphones.

And now for the conclusion. No regret getting this to the Noisysundae music squad. I'm starting to feel like it's not so mini for a mini review. :P This was absolutely worth it for me. The hype is real with some flaws I've stated above. Just hope I will not accidentally break it.

Posted by Noisysundae - August 3rd, 2015

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Full resolution pictures (with 4 additional tartan cross colors)

I updated the profile picture today. (No watermark on this because it's not a usual wallpaper for a sundae.)

Posted by Noisysundae - July 17th, 2015

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For the best experience, we recommend playing this new sundae with our visualizer. You can watch it directly on the submission page without going to Youtube by simply clicking the link in the description. Youtube embed player will appear under it! (Hope it will be able to post picture in the description though.)

And again, this is the PNG version of C.U.R.E. wallpaper! (click it to download)


Posted by Noisysundae - July 3rd, 2015


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About 2.0 - Aftermath

I only expected it to be saved and didn't think it will be on P-bot's daily feature due to being my first submission ever! Thanks everyone for voting this too high. You all are awesome! ;w;

However, there's a secret note in there that is not with the medal. Try everything you can in that thing and you'll find it.

My thread in audio bbs

This is the reason I uploaded the About 2.0 here. If you aren't tired from reading About 2.0 yet, click that bold title! :P

100 followers (already)

Thank you again! Only choosing to follow me is more than enough. You all is the reason I keep moving on.

I still have no plan on what to do next but a new sundae will always there every fortnight, like what the picture on my profile said. :)

Oh! And if you didn't watch them, there are visualizers on Youtube. It's an another hard work I've done before About 2.0.

I have one question. Should I upload the PNG version of those wallpapers you see on Youtube to the art portal? Because I love doing graphical things but not the cartoons. (I didn't say I hate cartoons. I'm just bad at drawing them but like to browse other's artwork.)



Posted by Noisysundae - July 2nd, 2015

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Yay! Noisysundae's About 2.0 is now being in the judgment hell! Check it out.


As soon as it's either saved or blammed. I'll start making my own thread in the audio bbs including it! (I also uploaded it on Blogger so there will be no problem if it's blammed.)

Posted by Noisysundae - June 20th, 2015

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Q : What's about v.2.0? I didn't even see your about v.1.0.

A : Then see it.

Now, I'm working on the About v.2.0 (Flash w/ AS3, 50% finished) and it'll be published on Blogger and NG. (Still not sure it should be on movies or game portal but I wanna make a secret medal for it. Hope it won't be blammed. :P) And I'll start creating my own thread on audio forum as soon as it passes the judgment. The lastest sundae above will be used in it.

Posted by Noisysundae - June 2nd, 2015

I got 100 subscribers on Youtube branch so I made this as a thank you.


And this is the PNG version of its wallpaper! (click it to download)





Click this if you didn't know what ReplayGain is.

All sundaes here will now be tagged with ReplayGain's track loudness in its metadata. (That means it doesn't modify anything in the waveform.) And the later musics will have standard average loudness of -11 dB which will make them more dynamic since there will be more headrooms for some instruments. As you have noticed it before, (or not?) my new standard loudness was -11dB since I made 'The last hope'. This is why it's so quiet for some people. But for the sake of the quality, I suggest you to deal with your volume knobs a bit.

Still waiting for 100 followers on NG too!

Posted by Noisysundae - May 4th, 2015

It's frontpaged. Hooray!

I left this sundae here. And like the title said, I'm preparing for finals again. I gotta say there might be no new sundae until around late May. After that, I'm going to make a flash version of my about page on blogger and possibly, my first flashgame to be published here!

Posted by Noisysundae - April 9th, 2015

After being abandoned for 6 years and 2 months since the first part was created, the new "Continue the song game" has been released! I'm very proud to be in this collab despite the fact that I didn't understand what I was trying to compose. XD

I gotta leave its link here.


Also, there are many cool melodies and I even go to their audio submissions to find some more music to listen to since I occasionally listen to any mainstream songs and I like instrumentals.