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Saw this thing from the front page, congrats!

From what I hear through my skimming on all of your tracks (This track here is the latest by the time I wrote this review.), I can say it has better mastering than your other tracks. We got the right amount of compression here. It doesn't feel too overcompressed (for a victim of the loudness war, at least). The track is very well mixed overall. Only two nitpicks from me (and that means it might be just me) is the lead saw is a bit too loud on treble, and perhaps bring the drums and that square arp in the background a little more to the front, I think. The key shift on the second half was a cheap, yet brilliant choice (it worked, really) since I can feel that it will be very repetitive otherwise.

I'm not following you yet. But rest assured, I'm gonna listen to your future tracks, and I'll follow you if you can make me click that favorite button again. For now, well done, and definitely, keep it up. ;)

GoldHeartSenpai responds:

Thank you! I will continue to Improve, and thanks for the Helpful Review!

There was 'Orbital Decay', and now this?

Darker DnBs (no matter the genres) are my favorite. I wish the portal had more stuff like this. My only complaint is I think the drums could have some more patterns, despite the fact that this is not breakcore. Anyway, the wobbles from neurobass are enough at this point.

Who needs dubstep when you have many good ol' dirty genres already. Personally, this kind of music makes me feel a lot more badass when playing a video game. And I definitely agree with PolarTrance here, can I have it? :O

Demon-Wolf responds:

Trust me, it only gets darker. Thank you for reviewing.

Hmmm...I agree that it's repetitive. It might be because of not having enough melodies put into it combined with its length. Variety of sounds and compositions is a key to making a slower piece. One of my ways to keep music from being too repetitive (especially when I run out of ideas lol) is randomly changing some notes within arpeggios. I can't explain it clearly by text, but it's something like this. Not a spam, though, I assure you.


You can reuse what you did with the decay of the sine synth in the beginning too. Other than that, try adding more instruments. In this case, adding a pad could do the work. About the mastering, I'll pass because I'm listening through a pair of cheap in-ears right now. (Have monitor headphones but my place is too hot even in the morning. :S) Anyway, I feel like the kick can be louder. And I think you've used side chaining on the beckground synth in 1:37, right? It's actually not a problem, but if you want more presence of the kick without interfering others', compression only in the lows to lower-mids might do. ;)

If anything is wrong in this review. Just correct it. I know I'm not perfect. :P
Keep making more, mate. Practice makes perfect!

PixelEaterMusic responds:

Thanks for the review! I actually wanted the kick to be less present in this song, and when I used the compression it sounded interesting so I kept it. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the mixing too, whenever you get the chance, I (mostly) know what I'm doing with sound design and music theory, but I just recently heard about mixing and I gave it a shot, if you could tell me some weak points or strong points in my mix I would be ecstatic!

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