Day 8037 : Just another day

2017-01-27 20:20:38 by Noisysundae

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A few hours left! Hurry up before the e-mail I got from NG become meaningless!


Apart from my birthday, I got a new laptop now. My old one's GPU was broken and was replaced. I passed it to my sister. The main cause of buying a new laptop is I was going to the Thailand Game Jam site. It was my first time. Had only 2 hours of sleep each day. Here's the game page. I did the coding on player controller, camera, and definitely, the audio. My team made the wrong decision trying to make a LAN multiplayer game. :P


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2017-01-27 20:40:19

Happy Birthday dude. What's weird is today is also my 22nd birthday. Apparently we were born on the same day? :P

Noisysundae responds:

Every time I say something about the time here, I refer to EST. So, my birthday is January 27th.
It's actually 28th now in my place. (Thailand, GMT+7)


2017-01-27 20:59:57

Haha, oh well, I guess you win by one day then :P

Noisysundae responds:

Ah, a miss. At least you're one day further from death than me lol.


2017-01-27 21:14:57

Happy Birthday dude, don't forget to enjoy someone else's sundaes today. :P


2017-05-11 13:00:44

Always Alive! \m/,

Noisysundae responds:

I'm making a note here: