Looks like I got some trolls lately...

2014-06-18 10:46:12 by Noisysundae

From these sundaes.



Both submissions had 3 5-star votes each after 3 days, then the 4th vote cast and average rating drops to 3.5! Even I said you can give any star to them, I think it shouldn't be a "zero vote" since I spent much time and effort on every work. Also, this isn't happening in my other branches.

I won't say something like "I'll quit making music if this happens again." because I know I can't get away from anything I love to do. But at least have some respect. Yes, I understand that there are good and bad people but these works shouldn't deserve this. All these neat works, not only mine, shouldn't deserve this.

This one is an example. I 5'd and faved Thrixe's masterpiece called 'Do it' but look at that average score!


What's wrong with you people? *slightly disappointed*


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2014-06-18 12:23:08

Rated 5 on all of them. Sorry I couldn't make much of a difference. I'll vote again tomorrow as well :D I really hate how people downvote things just to be jerks. Your music is definitely at least 4 star worthy.