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Posted by Noisysundae - February 2nd, 2018

Latest sundae: Your Everyday Happycore

The old logo...

ㅤㅤ...was lame design-wise (for example, you can barely tell it is a cup of sundae when it is smaller), so we are making a new one. Plus, we think it is the time for some renovations. Is this good enough for you?


ㅤㅤIt is a lot more convenient to use in the arts since its bounding box is in an exact 2:3 ratio and the center pivot is at the center of the cup now. 


ㅤㅤWe make a new text logo as well, but it looks 99.5% like the old one. Then why bother remaking it? Because we are planning to change the default font we use on visualizer and arts to Tex Gyre Adventor from Century Gothic. The new text icon is based on that font. The two fonts look pretty much the same, but the former has a larger set of characters.

ㅤㅤWe also added a neat hidden gimmick inside this icon (hope it is easy enough to find, though). Just putting in some symbols, as we did with the old icon, does not do justice for us.

Noisysundae Visualizer 3.0 + the new default art theme

ㅤㅤHere are the key features of the new default visualizer.

ㅤㅤ• Randomly plays one of three visualizer styles. (This means making 3 different visualizers packed in one!)
ㅤㅤ• ​Extend the silent start (sundae info part) to 10 seconds
ㅤㅤ• Add some messages like tips or seizure warning (apart from audio volume warning) in the silent start
ㅤㅤ• Key signature/BPM change popup during the play

ㅤㅤIf you have an idea to add, feel free to tell us in a comment. For the theme, we intend to make some sample pictures of what we have in mind (something like this) and post them here later.

Comments (2)

Hmm ok lol

I'm glad to know you read this post at least. If there's anything to say, I'm all ears. :)

Hmm, while I always liked the original design of the cup, the speaker motif and eighth note do represent the musical aspect better, visually. Interestingly enough, I think this is the first time that I could actually tell that the thing sticking out of the top of the old logo is a tiny treble clef.

Suffice to say, while the new logo may lack the smoothly aesthetic feel of the original, it makes up for that by being much more representative of what you actually do: produce music. Looking forward to seeing that new font in action, too. Well done!

Thank you, and yup, I do like the old icon too, but I just can't mix its look and feel into the new icon. Simply put, it doesn't look like an exploding speaker. That aside, the fact that it take you too long to notice the clef cherry proves that the current icon failed to represent my purpose. So, this change will be for the better, I guess.

And...the font! Unlike Century Gothic, Tex Gyre Adventor is free for both personal and commercial use. Here's the download link if you want. https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/tex-gyre-adventor