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Um are you making a game? Or an album? I’m so confused by this post but... Iridium in F is a great song! So keep at it!

"Visualizers on YouTube. In that video above, it's a description template for every site I publish my tracks to.

There's a bit of role playing here. Noisysundae is an ice cream parlor where each music track is an ice cream menu. The flavors are actually more like categories, but they're tagged as album titles. I'm leaving the introduction I wrote for Gumroad below if you care to read it." — the Manager

—— Introduction ——

We welcome you, our customer! First things first, we play along with the ice cream shop theme. For this, there are some word plays going on in Noisysundae. For starter, we called each single a sundae menu. These menus are released in a flavor which acts like a category, but is used as an album. Also, delivery or take home means music download, and catering is for royalty-free (commercial) license.

That was all we need you to know. Enjoy!

"Oh, let me interrupt you for a bit longer. Greetings! I'm the manager and the sole founder of Noisysundae. The staff who wrote the previous paragraph are just, the other, me! When I write something in this format, it's always gonna be in a less formal manner. I'll also write my replies, responses, e-mails, blablabla, in this very format too. Noisysundae is essentially a one-man project, after all. Also, a classic excuse; I'm not a native English speaker, so feel free to correct me if there's anything wrong in the text." — The Manager

The dual narration does confuse a bit. XD Had to re-read the below as well a couple times... basically though: you're working on a site...? Or is that description template for personal use when submitting these? Seems useful...

"My Engrish usually go haywire when I try to make something clear. Since there are more than one person pointing it out, I edited the post. Thanks.

About the template, it's a static HTML page for my submissions. I also want to save the filled pages for each menu so there are 2 more requirements: Everything has to be in one HTML file, and the input data has to be written into the HTML source. I think there's no other way to put the data into the file. At least I don't have to worry about browser compatibility when it's just for my own use.

Now that Newgrounds support text formatting in descriptions, a plain text file with placeholders doesn't cut it anymore. Actually, I can just make the template in Google Docs and copy a formatted description from there (I asked Tom about this before and he suggested me that), but it doesn't work for block quotes. That's why I decided to take the most straightforward approach; Do the HTML elements. The large textbox in Newgrounds' create/edit pages are editable divs so I looked into the tag structure and replicate it.

Aside from HTML stuff, each menu has different side contents and different phrasing is also needed. That too can't be done with only placeholders." — The Manager

Seems like a lot of effort.You planning something big?

"Nah, not at all. I tend to write essays out of simplest things. My current plan is to make animated artworks (for visualizer and cover arts, the former is mostly on YouTube) and release the remaining remasters. There are 8 artworks and 13 menus (music tracks) to go." — The Manager

No worries about the English. :) Though I think it's more so the '- The Manager' bits, and quote structure that makes it uncertain if part of it is a quote from somewhere else, and part a description, or multiple people talking...? I know now, but anyway, just confused me for a while. I think we talked about this before too...

Regarding the template, that sounds pretty cool. So I guess you know which HTML tags work with the editor on NG now? Do you maybe have a list of these too?

For the formatting, I've been writing occasional posts like this: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/98232/171#bbspost26451070_post_text

...in WordPress beforehand, to copy over the structure. With WP you can switch between text and visual editor, so you can have everything in code at first, HTML tags for everything, and then just switch mode, and copy over the generated result. The only downside is you have to add in line breaks after, since for some reason the NG editor needs two line breaks for every conventional one. If you copy a post from the BBS and paste it into a text editor you'll also see that all line breaks are suddenly doubled. Really wonder why they made it that way. Must be a workaround for something.

To fix THAT... well, I just add in extra line breaks after I've pasted in the content. When copying large posts from the BBS I search and replace all line breaks and cut them down by one. Workarounds...

This sounds way better if it all just works as is though. Wonder if content descriptions have that line break problem too? Haven't tried copying/pasting anything there yet.

"I just tried each text style and brought up Chrome's Inspector to see what's inside it. Nothing out of the ordinary afaik, just standard tags (<b>, <i>, <ul>, <li>, etc.). The descriptions have the line break problem too, but I think I know why.

I checked the editor's behavior in the inspector. One thing is that the line breaks are wrapped with p tags (<p><br></p>) instead of just <br>. From a quick test in an about:blank page, the returned strings from innerText() Javascript function are different when there's a group of multiple line breaks. For example...

• <br>: 1 line feed character (LF)
• <br><br>: 2 LFs

• <p><br></p>: 1 LF
• <p><br></p><p><br></p>: 4 LFs

The workaround for the line breaks is very simple in my case. I just limited the number of consecutive LFs to 2.

replace(/\n{2,}/gm, '\n\n')

Well, I hope this reply didn't go too technical." — The Manager

@Syntrus @Noisysundae oh okay. :)

Ah that's good to know, though there could be tags that work that aren't included in the editor too. :) Guess we'll know in time...

Hmm. Usually you'd either use the one or the other, not both. BR tags within a P, not ouside. Maybe something about how it handles different elements. Maybe it needs the <br> when it's something other than a <p>, like a code tag on its own line... anyway thanks for looking into this.

I can't read JS in particular so that last line went over my head a bit, but this is really cool. Any plans on sharing this when it's done? Making it a Github thing...? Would be cool to modify for other types of descriptions/posts/stuff. If I actually understand the code enough for that.

"Oh, that, I mean that's how the tags are created from the Newgrounds editor. And I completely forgot that I can share the source on GitHub. Thanks for reminding me. It may not be anytime soon, though." — The Manager

Right. :) And that's awesome, looking forward to seeing how this evolves in the future too! Whatever forum.