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This might be the most professionally formatted news post I've stumbled upon here so far... very in-depth info on everything, maybe a little overly in-depth sometimes, but it's easy to skim through with this kind of structure.

Regarding the site, it looks pretty cool, though would probably be good with some on-screen instructions as to what's going on (when it loads, for example), and when it HAS loaded, so you can click that square and delve further in. It took some time to load too. Hope visitors aren't thrown off by that. You generally want to load things sequentially, with the most important content first, so that the visitor doesn't get bored and leave - less important areas can load in the background/below the top content - but this seems to not let you proceed until everything is completely done. But it does get me back to when sites were actually creative, and individual things, so that's pretty cool.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work here! That last visualizer definitely felt like more than it was. :) Maybe a sleep-deprived states is what it takes to really brings out that special inspiration.

"Only the main layout and its components are loaded at start. There are 2 things that make the initial load long: The CDN providing the font, and the spinner animation itself. Currently, it checks if the site finishes loading only when an animation loop ends (~6 seconds) since I want it to be seamless. I guess I should speed it up a bit. And about the font, I'm going to quit using that CDN and just make it load from the site server normally.

Really, the visualizer design was laid out long before I start rushing it, so not getting enough sleep has nothing to do with the inspiration in this case. Nonetheless, I really thank you. Thought no one would bother reading anything but the first section. :D" — The Manager

Good to know! Yeah the shorter the loading time the better, doesn't seem like the resources required are that heavy. :) Back in the day so many sites had splash screens or loading sequences, but it seems people realized it wasn't the most user-friendly way. Took some extra time each time you visited the site, and though it looked cool, eventually you started wanting to just get to the content right away. But if this is all cached then hmm...

Are you using Cloudflare btw? Been thinking about getting a good CDN, just a little worried it might cache the wrong resources. Admin panels and stuff. You really have to pay attention to the blacklist.

Alright. :) Sleep's good after all! Sure thing. I like reading behind the scenes stuff like this. Especially regarding site design/technicalities.

Pretty sure it'd have been much faster if it's Cloudflare. I just grabbed a font face from this site. https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/tex-gyre-adventor

Not sure if it can be counted as CDN since it delivers only the font, but well, it's free. I don't complain, but whoever visiting the site will, obviously. :P

Ah, alright! I guess technically it might be a CDN too, but yeah, third-party services that aren't geared towards specifically maximizing the speed and connectivity of your site probably aren't refereed to as that. :) Google Fonts is pretty fast when it comes to services like that though, but doesn't seem they have this particular one.

For sure. :) If bandwidth isn't too limited it's pretty easy hosting fonts locally too. They load at the same pace as the site itself that way. No potential third-party bottlenecks.

Now that I think about it, it's unnecessary to load a font externally since rarely anyone stumbled upon the font I use on someone else's website anyway. Not to mention that the font file size is relatively small. All in all, it's not worth going through the bottleneck as you said.

For sure. :) Unless you really have some tight limits you need to cater to. If you don't have any admin panel or similar, Cloudlfare is pretty easy to set up too. It's free for small use. It loads resources from different servers depending on which is closest to the visitor, so depending on where you live it might make for a huge speed boast. One of those things you rarely think about yourself since you always test the site from the same area.

But anyway, for a simple project site this is probably all really nitpicking the details. XD Was fun to get a glimpse into the workings of this thing; looking forward to seeing how it's evolved later on!

Thanks for all these comments. I'm taking it slow, though. Have to do other remaining tasks besides the Noisysundae HQ as well.

For sure. Dem professional priorities!


*pressure points shrieking*

A friend on Discord just recommended some your music to me. That's quality stuff you're uploading. Be a real shame if someone were to just head on over to your Bandcamp and nab some of those sweet tunes for himself. >:D

Seriously though, your music is excellent. Thank you for sharing your talent with Newgrounds.

"So it's you, thanks a bunch! My older works are far from excellent, though. My old mixing approach overused stereo delay which makes those sound much worse on a speaker. Some of them will get the upcoming remaster treatment!" — The Manager